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Our juice cleanses are designed to give your body and health a gentle upgrade that will leave you looking and feeling great. Each 12 bottle cleanse can be used to complement a healthy detoxification diet, or enjoyed with plenty of purified water, broths and herbal teas as a two or four day juice cleanse.

The Vitality Cleanse

Give your body a welcome boost of alkalising, antioxidant rich vegetables and fruit on a two or four day Suko cleanse. Packing a vitamin rich punch with ingredients like Apple, Cucumber, Celery, Spinach, Kale, Avocado, Cucumber, Rocket and Fennel, energy levels are sustained to support you during the detoxification process. This season, green is the new black.

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The Big Reboot

Invigorate your cells – and your body – with this energising cleanse. Warming ginger, turmeric and carrot in our Radiate juice provide a welcome spring in your step, while blood cleansing beetroot and digestion friendly pineapple in Flow both complement our signature green juices for a vitamin-packed treat. Ready to spice up your life?

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The All Star

Give tastebuds a tasty immersion into our sensational juices with the Suko All Star Cleanse. A blend of all four signature Suko juices, each handbag sized bottle delivers the detoxifying power of living enzymes and blood cleansing minerals exactly where they’re needed. Get ready to feel like a superhero.

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