Our Story

Our name was taken from the word for ‘juice’ in Esperanto and inspired by the European language’s philosophy to be acceptable and easy for all to speak. We feel the same way about our juice! We want to make healthy lifestyle choices instantly available and acceptable to everyone in today’s busy world.

Launched in 2016, Suko was born out of a first hand experience of the healing power of freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juices. Founder Jason Swales was struggling with an undiagnosed gluten intolerance and turned to juice in an attempt to alleviate his symptoms. The effects, over time, were dramatic. And inspirational.

Jason’s improved health and surge in energy levels led him to connect with a team of wellness professionals, including top gourmet chef Chris Richard-Jones and celebrity nutritionist Sarah Jayne Scott – who’s A-list clientele includes Beyonce and Naomi Campbell.

Their collective vision was clear: to bring the highest quality, freshest cold pressed juices to individuals who want to elevate their everyday health with juices that require minimal time and effort.

And so, Suko was born.

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