Why Juice

In the past few years, it’s fair to say the juicing movement has evolved considerably. And for good reason – fresh cold pressed juices are one of the easiest and most accessible ways to get concentrated amounts of pure vitamins, living enzymes and essential minerals into our cells with no digestive effort required.

It’s also much more broadly accepted now that a plant based, rainbow coloured diet rich in vegetables and seasonal fruits helps to elevate the immune system, cleanse the blood and keep our digestive systems functioning smoothly. Sounds good right?

Our cold pressed juices undergo high pressure processing (HPP) which allows the enzymes in the juice to remain intact for about 30-45 days, instead of raw juice which is normally 3-5 days. The two major benefits are a safer juice product, and that customers don’t have to worry about their juice degrading rapidly.

Speaking with fellow juicers and friends, we’ve discovered that the reasons people juice can vary greatly. To meet this growing demand, we’ve created a cleanse pack for customers who wish to fast and detox, juices to kick start your morning or even sort that familiar 4pm slump without the need for caffeine. Juicing is also great way to rehydrate after a gym or yoga session and of course, all Suko juices are gluten and lactose free.

We firmly believe that greater health and happiness can be achieved by making easy shifts in your daily routine. Why not add a Suko juice into your wellness programme?

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