Terms & Conditions

The parties linked through the conditions below are Suko Juices S.L., a Spanish company with registered office in 731 Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 4-1, 08013, Barcelona, and registered in the Mercantile Register of Barcelona with number 2015/670, Volume 44787, Folio 50, Sheet 467525, on April 23rd 2015, Tax Identification Number B-66521956, SGS number 21.18093/B, hereinafter referred to as SUKO JUICE S.L., and any user of this website, hereinafter referred to as the USER.

Please read carefully the following regulations for the services provided on this webpage, hereinafter referred to as SUKO.

The purpose of SUKO is to provide an e-commerce platform where juice products and plans can be acquired without intermediaries.

These conditions must be agreed to before browsing through, or acquiring, said products. SUKO has been created by SUKO JUICE S.L. for information and sales purposes. Access to, and navigation on SUKO implies knowledge and agreeance to the following General Terms and Conditions of Sale.


SUKO and its full content, including but not limited to, text and graphics (collectively, “Content”), are protected by copyright, and SUKO’s copyrights are the property of SUKO JUICE S.L. or the creator of the content included. However, one may display, print, and/or distribute SUKO’s content on paper, provided that (1) said content is used for internal personal or professional purposes and not for any other purpose contrary to the commercial interests of SUKO and/or its products; (2) said content is not copied or used online or on any other website for public or commercial purposes without prior authorisation; (3) said content is not modified or changed; and (4) SUKO JUICE S.L.’s copyright notice is included in said content as follows:

© SUKO – All rights reserved


SUKO can be accessed and its products bought by natural persons of legal age with sufficient capacity to enter into an agreement, who have previously registered in the corresponding section. The data entered in the form must be complete and truthful, with SUKO reserving the right not to admit or unregister those who fail to comply with this requirement. Safeguarding of the user name and password is the sole responsibility of the USER. In no case will SUKO have access to passwords, sensitive or private data, credit card numbers, or any other private piece of information pertaining to the USER.


The duly registered USER can make purchases on the SUKO website in the manner and by the means established. Displayed prices are final, in Euros (€), or Pounds Sterling (£), and including tax, unless that due to legal requirements, particularly in what pertains to VAT, it has to be shown and applied otherwise. Every order requires that the prices and descriptions of the products available for sale are agreed to. In the case of a price markdown, the price will be shown with the previous price crossed off (example), thus reflecting the final price. SUKO commits to dispatching the products acquired by the USER based on production and/or the availability of the products in stock. In case of unavailability, the USER will be informed either in writing or by means of an “out of stock” button on the description / sales page of the corresponding product. Likewise, if due to computer problems or technical issues this information was not correctly displayed, SUKO commits to informing the client as soon as possible, changing the delivery date or cancelling the order, with the corresponding amount refunded. About discount vouchers/coupons, they are not compatible with other discounts or offers, and they are not cumulative. Distributors may not use a discount coupon without prior authorisation.


SUKO’s juices are formulated by SUKO JUICE S.L. and produced in factories that comply with all relevant sanitary and legislative requirements independent of SUKO JUICE S.L. and SUKO, and contain, where appropriate, fruits, vegetables and superfoods. They are all 100% natural, raw and fresh, with no added preservatives or colorants. For this reason, these juices must be refrigerated upon receipt, and consumed before the stipulated date. Our packaging maintains the right temperature during transport, but it is the client’s responsibility to make sure they are stored in the fridge upon receipt.


SUKO’s modes of payment are: credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Electron and Maestro). The use of payment information or instruments from third parties not recognised by SUKO is not permitted. Security of transactions: SUKO JUICE S.L. employs all means possible to guarantee the security and confidentiality of all data exchanged online on SUKO ’s website. Payment gateways use an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security protocol. The credit/debit card payment gateway includes an integrated Click to Pay service. Said system enables the use of cards from previous transactions in future purchases. For more information, you can get in touch with us on the phone or by email. In no case will SUKO or SUKO JUICE S.L. have access to any sensitive data, such as credit card numbers or passwords.

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